The Web Developer, also called Developer Programmer and sometimes IT Developer, develops services or websites through specifications produced by project managers.


The Web Developer, also called Developer Programmer and sometimes IT Developer, develops services or websites through specifications produced by project managers. It responds to the customer's request by realizing software functions in computer code.

Concretely, the IT Developer takes care of the needs analysis phase and then the choice of the technical solution. He then develops all the technical features of the site by adopting good coding procedures. He ends up testing and validating the features developed. Secondly, if a website is "handed over" to the client, then the developer provides training to the latter so that he can manage the functionality of the site.

Reporting to the technical project manager, he enjoys creative freedom. However, he must also take into account the often tight deadlines, which is a stressor. Rigor is the watchword for the developer to carry out the desired developments, carrying out all the tests to ensure the good functionality of the site. Finally, he must listen to his customers and keep himself regularly informed about technological developments.




The qualities required to be a Web Developer are expressed through technical know-how and understanding of projects. By taking into account the various constraints of the project (budget, deadlines), the Web Developer must know how to carry out the stages of the design of the site (design techniques, languages ​​and development tools, security standards and procedures) and of its development ( web environment and XML).

To do this, he must master the various web development tools (PHP, JAVA, microsoft.net environment) which are necessary for PHP or programmer jobs, but also CMS and Framework tools as well as the associated databases ( MYSQL, SQLSERVER, ORACLE, Mongo DB).

Note that the activity of the Web Developer is evolving with the emergence of CMS (Content Management Systems) making it easier to write sites. This leads the developer to more analysis and less programming (the developer programmer becomes more of an analyst). With the increasing use of CMS, it is more focused on making alterations or settings.



The soft skills of a Web Developer are:

  • Listen
  • Rigor and organization
  • Anticipation of risks



The course of the Web Developer may vary according to the profile, but in general the course taken is a specialized training of bac +5 level. You can undertake a short course with a DUT in IT or a BTS in IT.

Subsequently, you can consider continuing by entering a computer engineering school and applying for jobs in PHP, JAVA ect. A commitment to engineering schools in new technologies is particularly appreciated by recruiters.



The Senior Web Developer may decide to move towards a Web Architect position to benefit from more responsibilities. Indeed, he supervises the technical part of the project upstream by choosing the future technical solutions to be used and brings his help to solve possible technical problems.

In addition, it is also possible to become a Lead Developer following a career as a Developer. This career development is geared towards assisting and supervising the technical teams in charge of a project in order to bring an experienced eye to given issues or technologies.



Junior: 25-36 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 40-55 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 56-70 K € (8 years and over)


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