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The Web Architect is a technical expert whose vocation is to create or develop a website or an application.


The Web Architect is a technical expert whose vocation is to create or develop a website or an application. Often called upon on major projects, it also guarantees the proper functioning of the website. In conjunction with the Project Manager, he resolves any problems the site may be facing. He validates the operating procedures and can verify their implementation.

It takes care of analyzing the constraints related to a website and of providing a planning plan (new procedure) if the constraints of the latter are too complex (technical complexity, poor quality of service or use). If a site has good visibility (increased traffic on a site, downloading of data), it may have to intervene in order to adapt the site to the new resources required to avoid saturation of the site.




We can call the Web Architect a technician. Constantly evolving on the technologies that surround it, it must therefore be up to date in order to develop technical updates (redesign or simple modification) with project managers or owners.

Reporting to the Director of Information System, the Web Architect is involved in all projects since he intervenes from start to finish: from design to implementation. The architect has an important place in the company. It can create environments for it and it constitutes a technical capitalization in the long term for the company.

He knows how to spot web trends and adapt to new constraints linked to changes in the technical environment. The Web Architect is open and listens to the issues of others. Autonomous and versatile, he quickly assimilates objectives in order to complete projects and meet deadlines.



The soft skills of a Web Architect are:

  • Rigor and autonomy
  • Constant watch
  • Creativity
  • Reactivity
  • Critical mind



It is necessary to have a developer background to become a Web Architect. In your training, you must therefore opt for a professional master's or an engineering school, specializing in IT, networks and telecommunications. However, it is also possible to do a Bachelor in web architect.



Several choices are available to the Web Architect:

  • Within a web agency, he will be required to work in a team and to work for all types of clients (SMEs, Large groups).
  • The web architect can work in a Computer Engineering Services Company (SSII).
  • Within large companies.



Junior: 30-39 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 40-50 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 52-60 K € (8 years and over)


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