Mobile Developer

The mobile developer, iOS developer or Android developer performs specific computer programs dedicated to the mobile and nomadic environment.


The Mobile Developer, iOS Developer or Android Developer performs specific computer programs dedicated to the mobile and nomadic environment. In a context of increasing use of nomadic tools (tablet, smartphone), the projects undertaken concern specific websites, applications (video games) and also online services.




In conjunction with the web project manager, he responds to the latter's technical requests. He is in regular contact with the project manager to inform him about the progress of the projects and to tell him about the difficulties encountered. He is also in contact with other collaborators (web designer) on the project in order to coordinate the production of the application.

The qualities required to be a mobile developer are based on technical knowledge: he must master mobile applications and their uses (image, language, computing power, memory used) and have a background (HTML, CSS). He must be able to use specific software (statistical measurements, referencing, search engine).



The soft skills of a Mobile Developer are:

  • Rigor, curiosity, creativity
  • Good communication
  • Speed ​​and flexibility



The background of the Mobile Developer may vary according to the profile, but in general he comes from an engineering school. It is important that the developer who is moving towards application development on Android has a good background in Java and if he wishes to move towards iOS application development, he must have a solid foundation in C.

Mobile programming languages ​​(depending on operating systems):

  • iOS (for Apple): C / Objective C / HTML5,
  • Android: C / C # / PHP / Java…,
  • Windows Phone: C # / C ++,
  • The others: Tizen, Firefox OS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, WebOS, MeeGo / Sailfish, Maui, Symbian…

In addition, there are programming interfaces (APIs) for these systems, making it easier to code these applications. An application must obviously work on the main media used to be effective.



Former web developers or software developers sometimes choose to become a mobile developer.

An experienced mobile developer will then gain access to team coaching and / or mobile project management. He can become Technical Project Manager or Mobile Project Director.



Junior: 40-53 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 55-70 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 75-90 K € (8 years and over)


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