The IT Project Director or Director of Information Systems (DSI), controls the execution of a project (setting up an information system, developing software, etc.).


The IT Project Director or Director of Information Systems, controls the execution of a project (setting up an information system, developing software, etc.). For this, he assists the Project Manager by advising him on how to best use the human and technical resources necessary for the smooth running of the project.

As Technical Director, he will also ensure the weekly monitoring of the activity of the project managers for whom he is responsible and participate in decision-making bodies. He takes charge of the various stages of the implementation and supervises the stakeholders.

During the phases of the project, the IT Project Director will continually be attentive in order to detect any type of possible problem: postponing production, lack of training for some team members or poor organization. He communicates the progress of the project to the director of the agency.




In contact with various stakeholders (engineers, IT technicians, customers, suppliers, etc.), he serves as a link on the project between his teams and the customers. It combines the essential external and internal resources as well as possible.

Setting up a project takes time. He is therefore forced to a demanding schedule which includes a large volume of work hours. He must always maintain a good balance between deadlines and budget.



The soft skills of an IT Project Director are:

  • Technological know-how
  • Mastery of development tools, standards and information system architecture
  • Company knowledge
  • Management and supervision skills
  • Ability to listen to team members
  • Sense of organization
  • Rigor
  • Diplomacy



The training to be an IT Project Director is generally the result of an engineering school: three years of school and two years of preparatory class. However, 7 years of experience and having passed through the doors of Developers or Lead Development are necessary before becoming an IT Project Director.



The IT Project Director can integrate IT service companies or software publishers. He can also join any type of company that has an information system.



Junior: 35-45 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 45-55 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 60-75 K € (8 years and over)


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