Sales Representative

The main mission of the Sales Representative is to develop the turnover of the company. Through tours and physical meetings, he leads prospecting actions and negotiates contracts


The main mission of the Sales representative is to develop the turnover of the company. Through tours and physical meetings, he leads prospecting actions and negotiates contracts. Actively sought after by companies, this profile, also known as sales reps, has excellent interpersonal skills and a persuasive force that allows them to sell effectively.




In order to fulfill its objectives, the Sales Representative is in charge of several missions. In addition to enhancing the brand image of his employer and transforming the purchasing decision, he is called upon to achieve:

  • Prospecting with loyal customers and potential targets
  • Advice and information on its products and services
  • Negotiating new contracts
  • Monitoring of customer relations at regular intervals

In addition to his frequent, even daily trips, certain tasks remain sedentary, such as the administrative and commercial management of his department. The  Sales representative works with the Commercial Director and the Agency Managers. His skills are in high demand in the sales sector.



The soft skills of the Sales Representative are:

  • Persuasion
  • Mastery of sales and negotiation cycles
  • Relational
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Autonomy
  • Creative



Small and medium-sized businesses can easily hire a Land Salesperson with a baccalaureate in sales, prospecting and customer follow-up, a baccalaureate in trade or even an STT baccalaureate. Holders of a DUT in marketing techniques or those with a BTS in customer relations, business unit management, technical sales are the most sought after. The most demanding companies recruit Field Salespeople from business schools with a bac + 3 and even + 5.



For a Land Sales Representative, the prospects for development are numerous. Depending on his results and his ambitions, his career can quickly lead to the following positions Head of Sector, Head of a sales team, Customer Manager, Director of key accounts or even Sales Director.



Junior: 34-40 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 39-43 K € (3 to 6 years of experience)

Senior: 45-64 K € (6 years and over)


To note :

The variable is on average between 12% and 22% of total compensation

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You can read our 2021 study here.

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