Head of Sales

The main role of the Sales Director is to lead the sales department, oversee the activities of junior and senior professionals and monitor performance


The main role of the Sales Director is to lead the sales department, oversee the activities of junior and senior professionals and monitor performance. The Sales Director defines and communicates regularly the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and the objectives of the company to the junior sales staff, he analyzes the patterns of consumer and market behavior, then defines strategies for data-driven action to consistently optimize business performance.


The role of the Sales Director is data driven, which requires business acumen and a deep understanding of the consumer base, competitive marketplace, and an ability to analyze sales department performance. The Sales Director is an integral part of the company insofar as he also involves the management of external partners and collaborations with numerous internal departments.




Leadership: The Sales Director must bring a vision, he is responsible for developing the weekly / monthly / annual and seasonal sales objectives for the department, examining growth opportunities, enabling sales improvement, development of the product line and take responsibility for the department's performance against targets.

Using his expertise and experience, the Commercial Director also manages the schedule with regards to business priorities, including launches, promotions, exclusives and campaign activities with the aim of maximizing sales opportunities. In his leadership capacity, he introduces new brands and categories to the market by leading the sales team in product launches.


Strategy: The Sales Director also plays a strategic role. He is responsible for implementing sales strategies in order to develop the company's revenue. The Sales Director provides an optimized market mix in relation to the main consumers / targets and identifies the roadmap that will lead to the achievement of the objectives of his department as well as the overall objectives of the company.


Analysis: The Sales Director uses analytical, performance and sales tools with the aim of signaling the successes, weaknesses and opportunities of the sales strategy to senior management. Through his various research and analysis, the Sales Director identifies areas for improving sales strategies and in order to establish actionable ideas for improving sales and business profits. It also monitors and observes the brand and makes forecasts, identifying new trends ahead of the curve, thus giving the company a competitive advantage and keeping it ahead of its competitors in the market.



The soft skills of the Sales Director are:

  • Leadership
  • Agile
  • Analytical mind
  • Sense of negotiation
  • Structure



Higher education (the famous Grandes Écoles) are mainly represented. The role often requires management skills and cannot be separated from a solid background in management and strategy - whether for long or short sales cycles.



The Sales Director can progress to General Management functions or to more cross-functional functions such as Director of Operations. He can also be entrusted with the management of a larger area or abroad.



Junior: x K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 65-90 K € (3 to 6 years of experience)

Senior: 80-150 K € (6 years and over)


To note :

The variable is on average between 28% and 35% of total compensation

For profiles with more than 8 years of experience, the variable is on average between 20 and 30% of the total compensation

In small structures, shares or BSPCEs are often offered to the Sales Director as part of the overall salary package.

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