The Chief Digital Officer is in charge of supporting a company in its digital transformation. Very experienced and knowing how to juggle multiple skills, his role will be essential in this period of transition.


Director of Digital Strategy, Digital Manager, Chief Transformation Officer, Director of Digital and Communication, Director of Strategy and Development, Digital Strategist… There are many names for the Chief Digital Officer. Its main role is to support companies in their digital transition. To do this, he must carry out several missions, each involving a variety of skills:


Assess the stage of digital maturity of the company and its employees: it is about knowing where the company is in this transition to digitalization. This analysis also makes it possible to precisely define the impact that digital technology will have on the internal functioning of the company. In this phase of support for change, it is essential for the CDO to have the support of top management, which can sometimes be a serious challenge.

Look for growth opportunities: the CDO is in charge of generating leads, new customers and / or new income. This mission is similar to a marketing mission: he must exercise a consulting activity, but also an operational mission (online operations, social networks, optimization of existing sites, etc.). During this phase, the CDO may have to work with the marketing department; that is why a solid foundation in this area is needed.

Once the diagnosis is made, the CDO implements a global strategy, divided into strategies specific to each department (with a detailed roadmap and measurable performance indicators). In addition, there is a necessary and permanent watch over new technologies that can benefit the supported company.




Occupying a complex position of high responsibility, the CDO is in direct contact with general management and is required to work as a team with all the different departments of the company.

It is difficult to be more multifunctional and more experienced than the CDO: he must have a global vision, a well-thought-out strategy and a high level in both IT, marketing and management. Having good charisma and leadership are also necessary qualities.



The soft skills of a Chief Digital Officer are:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Relevance of the analysis
  • Reactivity
  • Spirit of conviction



For this position, having a higher degree (type MBA) is a necessity. The large French schools are very popular (HEC, Sciences Po, ESCP, Centrale…), but also certain foreign courses (such as Stanford or Berkeley).

It is important to note that training in itself is not enough: a minimum of 10 years of experience in pioneering web companies, in digital agencies or in consulting is necessary to have a chance.



His support mission is generally temporary, but it sometimes happens that he becomes CEO, so much has digital become at the heart of companies' strategy.



Junior: 55-65 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 65-85 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 85-110 K € (8 years and over)


To note :

The difference in salary can be explained by the educational background of the profile, which can earn + 10-15% salary after graduating from a Master in one of the Top 5 schools

The size of the team to be managed will be another important factor

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