The function of the Chief Data Officer is to facilitate access to data and identify those that are most important to extract, in order to facilitate decision-making within his company.


Born following the awareness of the importance of Big Data issues, the position of Chief Data Officer can also be called Data Director, Customer Knowledge Manager or Data Scientist.

Within a company, the Chief Data Officer occupies three functions: he manages the collection of data, he organizes the sharing of their analysis with the other departments and he enforces the ethics in terms of the use of this information.

Its responsibilities in terms of data quality and consistency recall various functions: management controller, IT director (CIO), managers of operational activities and support functions. The Chief Data Officer reports to the Chief Digital Officer and can manage a team of 5 to 30 employees.




Among the skills essential to the Chief Data Officer, one notably counts the mastery of analytical tools and databases. You have to have a real taste for statistics, and have a mathematical logic to navigate them and to make coherent and understandable analyzes. It is therefore necessary to be sufficiently educated to popularize tables with figures to departments and teams, so that everyone can feel concerned and interact with the Chief Data Officer in relation to the analyzes presented.


This is a position that requires great openness, rigor and a lot of organization, because you have to know how to perform your tasks in complete autonomy and know how to make yourself available to your teams. Agile and versatile, the Chief Data Officer masters the environment of web marketing and data science, and enjoys training throughout his career to stay at the forefront of new technologies and working methods.



  • Analytical mind
  • Proposal force
  • Relevance of the analysis
  • Reactivity
  • Spirit of conviction
  • Managerial faculties



The position of chief data officer requires several years of training (bac +5 or bac + 6). In the majority of cases, the chief data officer has completed training at an engineering school. He may also have followed a course in business school or statistics with a specialization in big data.



The Chief Data Officer can be promoted to the position of Chief Digital Officer, or even join the general management in startups where data is at the heart of business.



Junior: 55-65 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 65-85 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 85-110 K € (8 years and over)


To note :

  • The difference in salary can be explained by the educational background of the profile, which can earn + 10-15% salary after graduating from a Master in one of the Top 5 schools
  • The size of the team to be managed will be another important factor


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