Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is the person who participates in the creation of the various media (poster, logo or video games).


The graphic designer is the person who participates in the creation of different media (poster, logo or video games). He can also work on making 3D films, animated films or making computer graphics. It’s an important element in a business.


Attached to an artistic manager, he is generally part of a multimedia team (photographer, webmaster, programmer, 3D animator) with which he develops various projects. These work tools consist of very different image processing software to produce these animations.




The computer graphics designer is characterized by his mastery of both the computer side and the graphics side.

It uses specific software known as Desktop Publishing (DTP) for the layout or editing of photos and images.

Confronted with multiple projects, the pace of work of the graphic designer is often very fast. In this environment, he must know how to resist stress.



The soft skills of a graphic designer are:

  • Communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Adaptation



There are many ways to become a Graphic Designer. A BTS in visual communication with a multimedia option is the first step in entering the profession of graphic designer. After this BTS, the national art schools (Beaux-Arts) issue diplomas of a bac + 5 level.

There are also private schools that offer the possibility of accessing training.



Several choices are available to the Graphic Designer.

Multimedia companies (website or video game creation) are a good springboard for a graphic designer.

Communication agencies and audiovisual production companies are also looking for independent (freelance) graphic designers.

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