Senior Python Developer (H/F)

Full remote / Bac + 5 / Start ASAP



Our mission is simple: we want the world to discover natural wine 🍷 

We love natural wine for its taste, and we also deeply appreciate it for its respect of terroir, the environment, and the people behind it. Furthermore, we’ve found that natural wine happens to be a key indicator of where to find local, seasonal, organic, quality, and responsible products that appeal to an ever increasing number of consumers, who want good wine and food without additives. 


As natural wine is neither a label nor a certification, finding such a unique product and being certain that it meets this standard can be a struggle. Raisin is the natural wine website and app that steps in and recommends an index of over 5,500 natural wine establishments and 2,300 natural winemakers, all which are analyzed by our team to guarantee that users can find natural wine all around the world. 


Raisin is interactive for both users and professionals alike, while also bringing together a community who supports a rapidly growing and important movement which is without a doubt, the future of wine!


The team currently consists of 3 Python developers, 1 Swift (iOS) and 1 Java (Android) developer, 1 IT and 1 front end-developer and a project manager. We plan on expanding across multiple products in the future and we are looking for a Senior Python developer to build functional and efficient server-side applications. 

Senior Python Developer responsibilities include participating in all phases of the software development lifecycle and coaching contractors and junior developers. If you’re a seasoned developer with a love for back-end technologies and natural wine, we’d like to meet you! Your ultimate goal is to create high-quality products that meet customer needs.

We consider this position to consists of 70% development and 30% technical team follow-up & supervision.


Your goals : 

- Implement key features that will help our project grow. We have many specs waiting for you to improve our users’ experience. We expect our future in-house developer to review the specs and build the approriate backend architecture.

- Seeding the ground for an entire refactoring of the application. 

- Appropriate the application code and initiate a transition to a test-driven development framework. 

- Grow and support our team of developers. You will be responsible for setting them up for success while coaching and providing guidance along the way.

- Expand and reorganise the team and its processes as context changes. You will ensure that tooling and workflows are appropriate. 

- Help plan each work cycle internally by setting-up a scrum process, reviewing priorities, availability, and optimal matching of people to projects. You will frequently share updates, so that everyone is aware of what’s going on behind the scenes.

- Collaborate with colleagues in other functions (like infrastructure, support, product management) to build the best product and experience for the natural wine and food lovers community.


- Stock-options (BSPCE) for employees

- Fully remote working


Requirements and skills:

- 3+ Years’ Experience in Python Development

- Experience with Python frameworks (e.g. Django, Flask, Bottle)

- Familiarity with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and REST API

- Good knowledge of Github, Gitflow Workflow and Git conflict management

- Understanding of databases and SQL

- Knowledge of JavaScript and the AngularJS framework is a plus

- Attention to detail & rigorous

- Leadership skills

- BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field


Soft skills:

- Organised

- Fluent in English (writing/speaking, business and technical vocabulary)

- At ease to communicate with developers and non technical team mates, too. 


  • Django
  • mobile
  • site web
  • tests
  • PostGreSQL


  Full remote


- We are natural wine and food lovers! Plenty of opportunities to drink great wines & taste great food!



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