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We define new models of services and applications combining cybersecurity and user experience, especially allowing data protection with client-side encryption, while preserving collaboration capabilities.



For several years now, enterprise IT is revolutionized by the Cloud. By delegating infrastructures

management to Cloud market leaders, companies aim at better controlling costs and focusing on their core business.

However, as often, cybersecurity considerations are one step behind the development of new features.

Traditionally, companies were used to put security barriers around a controlled perimeter. The complete change of paradigm in the Cloud, where resources are shared between multiple parties, implies a loss of control of the data for the company, in a context where data has become a core value.

To make it clear, companies have to trust 3rd parties (hyperscalers, SaaS editors) and expose themselves to compliance and reputation risks, but also to difficulties to protect their value (strategic orientations, intellectual property, financial and commercial data, personal data, etc.).

In response to new security challenges in the Cloud, it is fundamental to define new models of services and  applications combining cybersecurity and user experience, especially allowing data protection with client-side encryption, while preserving collaboration capabilities.

After a first round of R&D which allowed to break major technological locks, we opens a new page, backed by investors, in order to accelerate its development regarding these challenges.


Contribute to products feature design on desktop environments;

• Propose technical solutions, develop and validate features with the team;

• Deliver and maintain code and packages with a modular and a cross-platform logic;

• Provide high quality documentation and testing;

• Contribute to evolutions on our CI/CD pipeline and production workflow;

• Apply and maintain state-of-the-art (and sometimes beyond) security practices!




You have an experience in software architecture & dev, secure dev practices & languages, tests & validation;

• You have a degree in Computer Science / Engineering or equivalent;

• You have skills in some of the followings: modern web frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.js, Next.js),

Typescript, Node.JS, RUST, Go, WASM, Cloud managed services (e.g. Firebase, Amplify);

• You want to:

- Join a dynamic and skilled team with strong expansion perspectives;

- Contribute to solving hard tech problems and deliver efficient solutions to make customers life


- Develop your knowledge and impact in the cybersecurity field.


  • react
  • Angular
  • Rust
  • Vue.js
  • Next.js
  • Node.JS


  Télétravail partiel


> Alan Blue (100% paid)

>  Work on the latest Mac

>  Location: Join our office in Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus

>  Workplace flexibility: work on-site and remotely

>  Free learning: we buy all the programming books and content you need to learn and be an expert in your field

> Daily doing what you love and what you’re good at!



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