Senior Fullstack Engineer

Full remote !



We build a cutting-edge product in the cybersecurity space.

Together, we want to empower employees so they can better protect themselves and their companies in the face of cyber threats. We are fully reinventing the way SMBs manage cybersecurity.


Our mission : Empower employees against cyber threats.


What if there were a tool that could provide employees with continuous education around cybersecurity as soon as their first day at work? What if this tool could be enriched with security apps, effectively assisting them in spotting malicious practices?

Cybersecurity is hard, we want to make it easy and let companies and their employees focus on what they do best. Let’s tackle this tough problem together and reinvent how we think about cybersecurity at work !


As one of the first Software Engineers, you will end up wearing many hats and having meaningful impact.

You will comfortably go up and down the stack; from writing backend and frontend code, running AWS infrastructure, to implementing whatever necessary tool or process we don’t yet have.

It doesn’t matter what languages and tools you know when you join us, but it does matter that you can write clean, effective code and be excited by learning new languages and tools.

Our software is constantly evolving, so we need engineers who can do the same.


You know how to :

  • Use SSR to optimise page rendering
  • Interact with a GraphQL API using Apollo
  • Write node.js handlers for custom logic
  • Test (Jest / testing-library)


Our current stack is based on Typescript :

  • React Frontend (Next.js on Vercel, TailwindCSS)
  • GraphQL API Layer (Hasura)
  • Node.js for custom logic (Serverless Functions on Vercel)
  • We use a monorepo strategy, leveraging typescript across the board together with GraphQL to interact with our data in a type-safe way from everywhere 😎
  • We use Github Actions for CI/CD
  • React Testing Library, Jest, Playwright for testing


70-80k + BSPCE


  • You care deeply about customer needs, the problems they face, and therefore the products we’re building to solve them.
  • You're excited by our mission and the vision of empowering employees with the cybersecurity tools they need.
  • You are able to, or want to be able to, work at every level of the stack. We believe this to be the strongest indicator of extraordinary engineers.
  • You’re excited by the ambiguity of being one of the first employees in an early-stage company.
  • You care deeply about your growth and the rate at which you grow. The success of our company is a function of the people in our team. Your growth rate will be directly causal to Elba's growth rate. We spend a lot of time thinking about each other’s success paths.
  • You get excited about learning new things, writing blog posts and going to conferences to talk about all things product and engineering.


  • architecture
  • test
  • API
  • Management


  Full remote


- Full remote

- French or Full English



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