Senior Data Scientist NLP (H/F)

NLP opportunity in full remote for a scaling Fintech



This start-up is building the financial OS (Operating System) for European SMEs. A single source for financial data, used on one side by entrepreneurs to run their business (invoicing and getting paid, paying suppliers and expense management, piloting cash and profitability) and on the other side by their accountant for bookkeeping and fiscal declarations.

Saving time to all entrepreneurs and accountants, helping them to make the right decisions and enabling 3rd parties to offer added-value personalized financial services.

It launched in France and will expand to other markets in Continental Europe in 2022. Its commercial website is thus in French only but the code is obviously documented in English and the tech team speaks English.

It is product-led, growing fast, backed by strong investors and are starting to hire software engineers anywhere in Europe, to join the experienced remote-first engineering team.


In short: designing and deploying advanced machine learning products to power the start-up and make it the best financial OS in the market.

  • You will design machine learning products across their entire lifecycle, from exploration and formulation to modeling and evaluating, all the way to deploying and monitoring them
  • You will apply robust statistical methods to draw meaningful insights from complex data and evaluate the impact of the team’s solutions objectively
  • You will build reusable and extensible solutions, and contribute to the evolution of our cloud-based ML and data ecosystem
  • You will work hand in hand with data engineers, analysts, software engineers and product managers, and promote a data-driven culture where data is seen as a production system


  • Competitive Salary
  • Stocks
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Possibility to work remotely
  • Budget to work from a coworking space or buy equipment to work from home


  • You have a solid and varied experience (> 3 years) in designing machine learning approaches (supervised, unsupervised, self-supervised, online and offline, etc)
  • In particular, you have experience in Natural Language Processing such as information extraction and retrieval, word embedding, topic modeling
  • You have experience implementing and rolling out machine learning solutions in a production environment
  • You have experience working with distributed data frameworks such as Spark
  • You have worked closely with data users on solving concrete business problems
  • You are pragmatic, autonomous and know when to leverage open source or proprietary solutions, and when to build new ones, based on needs


  • NLP
  • Data science
  • Python
  • AWS


  Full remote


  • The vision: start-up aiming to change the life of thousands of entrepreneurs throughout Europe with their solution
  • The ambition: start-up already scaling at a very fast pace and that want to become a leader in fintech within 2 to 3 years
  • The learning curve:  a very experienced Tech & Data team whom you can share with and learn from everyday
  • The ownership: a product-led company with decentralized decision-making and strong ownership within each Product Squad
  • The environment: a culture based on trust, autonomy, and benevolence so you can feel like you're in the right place



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