Senior developer Javascript in AI (H/F)

We want to help developers focus on what they like to do most, on the exciting parts of their job. We are creating a unique AI coding partner that will handle all low-interest but essential tasks for them and allow them to focus on what lies ahead. We want to help developers unleash their code !




► Who we are?
We are a machine learning based solution which provides developers with a tool that enables them to ship high quality code with unparalleled speed.
We aim to make beautiful code production easier and faster than ever before thanks to artificial intelligence.
Today our Product is less unit testing worries and more quality code in less time, tomorrow it means focusing on coding more than ever and reducing time spent on non-coding tasks while stabilising overall quality of the coding processes.


What we do


We love to code, and there is nothing more stimulating than using code... on code! Join us and help us reinvent software production. More than anywhere else, here the developers are the creatives.


☞ Here are some challenges you will work on by joining us:


How to make a generator that writes unit tests?

How to automatically refactor (and not only split) a source code?

How to understand, represent and generate code with machine learning algorithms?

How to generate code documentation?

How to generate front source code from a drawing?

How to generate large snippets of code?

How to automatically find bugs in an application?


By working on resolving these challenges, you will not only participate in revolutionising the way everybody codes, but also explore the inner depths of different programming languages.


☞  Missions:


Working on multiple APIs

Developing our IDE extensions

Becoming familiar with a multitude of programming languages through their parsers and ASTs

Working on the front-end of our product, to make it look sleek and achieve the perfect UX that all developers crave

Developing quick prototypes for new features you dream of seeing in production

Working on integrations between the Product and other developer tools

Contributing to setting up and reinforcing the architecture of our growing infrastructure

Working closely with our Data Science team on our Data engineering pipeline, by taking code and transforming into data so that our AI can perform its magic

Writing documentation for your work


☞  Most importantly, at Ponicode you will not only be involved in the "coding" of our product, but you will have a key role in inventing and deciding new features and the user experience that you, as a developer, know you need.


Our stack is currently:


Languages: Typescript with React and Node.js

Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Infra: CI/CD, Docker, AWS and Azure


Previous experience with these languages and technologies, plus any other (Java and C# in particular) is very welcome. What is mandatory is an appetite for everything dev, including what lies beyond your comfort zone.


If you are looking to find a job where you can express your creative mind while working on very practical technical challenges, stop your job search now and apply to work with us ;)



⇒ From 50K to 60K
⇒ Healthcare
⇒ Transport


Our dev stack includes a lot of Typescript with React and Node.js, as well as Go, JavaScript and PostgreSQL, and we use Docker, AWS and Azure to manage our infrastructure. Previous experience with these languages and technologies, plus any other (Java and C# in particular), is welcome but not mandatory. Most importantly, we are looking for profiles that are comfortable working on the full stack across a range of languages and frameworks.


The data science team works on a variety of tasks that go from data analysis to data engineering, machine learning and NLP challenges. We code in Python using a wide range of libraries including Numpy and Pytorch. AI on code is a non-trivial subject for which traditional AI systems don't perform well, we are building innovative technology almost from scratch! We even invent new machine learning models and give them original names!


☞  You like coding, you like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

☞  You think, like us, that it is possible to build an AI that helps coding and you already dream of the day when you can prove to all of those saying it is not possible that it actually is.

☞  You have 3 or 4 years of experience in coding (back & front ideally)

☞  You are an enthusiastic person, passionate about coding, you are a team player and a problem solver, and you are always full of ideas.

☞  Last but not least, you want to join a very dynamic project at an early stage.


  • Typescript
  • Node
  • React
  • Golang
  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • aws
  • python


  Pas de télétravail


What you will get if you join:

☞  Work with open-minded and smart people

☞  Learn on exciting AI technologies

☞  Participate to a Great entrepreneurial journey

☞  Be one of the early-employee of a very promising company

☞  Get the opportunity to work in flexible scheduling both in remote and in presence

☞  Take benefits from Station F playground

☞  Very good Health-care coverage



Nous vous offrons un bon d’achat Amazon de 500€ si votre connaissance est recrutée !

Vous n'êtes pas le millionième visiteur, simplement une aide précieuse qui mérite d'être récompensée.

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