Data Team Leader (H/F)

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This MedTech aims to become a leader in precision therapies for difficult-to-treat diseases thanks to a breakthrougt in biology that provide more effective treatments to the patients. The startup is an integrated ‘discovery engine’, covering all activities from the generation of the data until their analysis and interpretation. The multidisciplinary teams made of data scientists, clinicians, biologists, focus on understanding the causes of diseases by grasping the heterogeneity of complex biological systems to discover biomarkers and new therapeutic solutions.

With a small team made of three data scientists, under the scientific guidance of Doctor in Biology, the start up has already developed an initial set of proprietary tools, data engineering and analysis pipelines, deployed on a secured cloud infrastructure. Those tools and pipelines constitute the core of our discovery engine, essential to derive biological insights from the vast amount of complex data generated by those single cell technologies.


The structuration of the overall Data team – including:

  • Defining and implementing appropriate tools and methodology (e.g. lean, agile) as the team and the volume of projects will grow
  • Fostering the close collaboration within the team – incl. the implementation of processes or ways of working to ensure the smooth transition from Research projects to production mode

The management of the Data roadmap and projects across the teams – including:

  • Cratfing Data operational roadmaps aligned with corporate objectives and clinical projects
  • Steering their execution in line with objectives & timelines
  • Preparing regular updates to support decisions, anticipating risks or challenges to overcome and proposing solutions or troubleshooting plans

3. The steering of the Data Engineering activities, providing guidance and technical expertise – initial key areas of expertise should include:

  • Cloud solutions (AWS)
  • Security
  • Computational infrastructure
  • Data ingestion and storage
  • Containerization
  • Data pipelines, datawarehouse/datalake architecture and reporting systems

4. The execution of some Data engineering tasks (at least in the initial set up) – could include typically active role in designing, coding and testing solutions


  • Competitive Salary 
  • Stocks
  • healthcare benefits


  • At least 5 years experience as data engineer or data architect
  • expe
  • Knowledge, experience and/or strong interest in Life Science and health data environment
  • Strong programming skills in Python
  • Excellent knowlegedge of AWS cloud services (or other cloud platform GCP, Azure) 
  • Hands on experience developing and implementing microservices, restful APIs (Flask framework), Integration/Middleware technologies
  • Experience in data processing and data warehouse/lakehouse solutions
  • Expecience in docker, kubernetes and other containerization engines
  • Experience in CI/CD Tools
  • Experience with IT compliance and risk management requirements (security, privacy)
  • Fluent in English


Bonus :

  • Experience in health data regulations and constraints from GDPR
  • Software development and skills in front end design


  • Aws
  • python
  • Docker
  • CICD
  • Kubernetes
  • Management


  Télétravail partiel


  • An opportunity to save lives
  • Office in the center of Paris
  • A diverse and talented team 



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