Top profiles - design

We meet expert candidates on the Design market every day, but unfortunately do not (yet) have the right project to present to them. If a top profile catches your attention, contact us!

Head of design

Design profile with a very strong product appetite, this candidate comes out of the Gobelins. With more than 11 years of experience, he is looking for an ethical and committed project that will correspond to his values. He studied in major agencies on Lead Design positions and worked for advertisers in the MedTech and Social sectors. This very agile candidate loves working on large-scale projects, both on design and product issues.

Expected salary

75 K€

Wanted location

Full remote

Nicolas's opinion

Passionate candidate and invested in his missions with a multi-sector and multi-cultural experience thanks to his various experiences in agencies. Among his personal projects, he has built a community of “ethical” designers.

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