The VP / Head of Engineering leads the vision, design, strategy and implementation of integrated web systems to support the business.


The VP / Head of Engineering chairs all the Frontend and Backend development teams, reporting directly to the Engineering Director. He leads the vision, design, strategy and implementation of integrated web systems to support the business. The VP / Head of Engineering leads the development teams and works with other business departments in the areas of sales, marketing and finance to deploy new web systems and implement continuous improvements to current systems processes .

The VP / Head of Engineering keeps abreast of new technologies and identifies the correct schema for sites / software under development. This leader has a strong vision for the department and promotes the best organizational models and practices. It takes on high-level challenges and balances quality software with speed. He is responsible for feature deployment, the stability of the company's core platform, and the overall quality of the company's web architecture.




The VP / Head of Engineering, like his juniors, must be technologically comfortable and demonstrate exceptional computer skills. He will have an innate understanding of data modeling and SQL for scalability and performance, as well as a strong JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, and MVC framework.

The VP / Head of Engineering must demonstrate expertise in full stack architecture technologies and be very familiar with Javascript, Ruby, Rails, RDBM and HTML5 as well as knowledge of a variety of programming languages ​​such as Java, Objective C, C and C ++.

He must also demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, have the ability to move a cross-functional group forward in a unified direction and with a common vision. They will also be a sympathetic and approachable person, able to establish meaningful and lasting bonds with others. He will also be able to inspire confidence in others, allowing them to easily trust his ideas, guidelines and judgments.



The VP / Head of Engineering soft skills are:

  • Communication
  • Analytical mind
  • Dynamic
  • Logic
  • Rigor
  • Inspiring



The VP / Head of Engineering generally has a Bac +5 (general or specialty engineering school related to the fields of application of engineering, scientific master's degree, doctorate, etc.)

This position is accessible after experience as a Developer and / or Software Engineer, and an evolution to a Lead Software Engineer position.



After approximately 10 years of experience in engineering and a few years in this position, the Head of Engineering may be promoted to SVP Engineering or even to EVP Engineering, a position which will allow him to join the executive committee.

This background also allows him to apply for the position of Chief Technical Officer if he wishes to broaden his responsibilities and invest more in technique than in organization.



Junior: - K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: - K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 70-130 K € (8 years old and over)


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