The Front-End Developer is the person responsible for creating a clean, easy-to-use and fast interface.


The Front-End Developer is in charge of optimizing the ergonomics and navigation of a website. Unlike the Back-End Developer, the Front-End Developer does not live in the shadows. His work is visible on the screen and the rendering is the first element that the user will see.

To know the specifics of the Front-End Developer profession, we recommend that you read the Web Developer job description.



Initially, the creation of web pages and their integration was done through the work of a Web Developer. With the evolution of the Internet, the role of developer integrator has become an activity in its own right. Between the Web Integrator and the Back-End Developer a new specialty has emerged with the appearance of "Front-End Developer": a person responsible for creating a clear, easy-to-use and fast interface.

The objective of the Front-End Developer is to make the website more ergonomic (visual aesthetics) and to make the functional part (site navigation) more accessible. He will also take care of the portability, quality and referencing of the website taking into account the different platforms and browsers used and apply with respect the integration (for better visibility) of web pages with new techniques of HTML 5. The Front-End Developer Integrator ensures the compatibility of the site and that all W3C standards are applied in order to guarantee a quality site for users.



Junior: 30-35 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 40-45 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 55-70 K € (8 years and over)


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