The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) or Technical Director, Director of New Technologies, is in charge of technical innovation within a company.


A key position in a company's competitiveness, the Chief Technical Officer studies technical developments and relevant innovations within a structure. He then develops a project deployment strategy and oversees their implementation. His influence within the company varies according to the size of the company and the place occupied by new technologies in production: however, he always participates in the overall decision-making of the company and as such sits on the committee. of management.




In order to identify obsolete technologies and technical risks and opportunities, the CTO performs an audit and issues it to management. It includes its recommendations and proposes changes to the technological information system. He works with company executives in order to establish an innovation strategy, whether in terms of data processing, but also in terms of software, connected objects and new technologies (he is therefore involved in the R&D).

Its missions also include the filing of invention patents and the legal framework related to the implementation of new processes in IT. In this process of change, his role is also to communicate with all departments of the company, as well as with its partners and investors.

Its role lies between technical and commercial functions.



The soft skills of a Chief Technical Officer are:

  • Charisma and leadership
  • Organization and rigor
  • Taste for challenge



With a Bac +5 degree from an engineering school or a Masters in computer science at a university, the CTO must have solid experience (6-10 years minimum). Indeed, the technical direction requires many skills, but also soft skills, such as management for example.



The CTO is eligible for positions with increased responsibilities:

  • IT Project Director (DSI)
  • Developing functions focused on innovation: Chief Technology Officer, Product Director, ...
  • Take a position of General Management



Senior: 70-130 K € (8 years old and over)


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