Country Manager

The Country Manager intervenes when setting up a business abroad. Its missions are many and varied, combining marketing, sales and also strategic aspects.


The Country Manager be responsible for developing the activity of a company in a country where it was not yet present. His mission may be reminiscent of that of an Entrepreneur supporting his business in the first stages of his life: he will have to touch on marketing, communication and business development in order to ensure that the products / services are correctly deployed on the new territory. He must also manage the implementation of a coherent strategy and if successful, his mission will then shift to public relations and partnership management.

The Country Manager working within a pure player will have missions much more focused on web marketing: CRM, emailing, displays, newsletters, search, social media, etc. He will also need to organize events and keep in touch with news agencies.




Its role is essential, both at the strategic level and at the operational level. The varied aspect of his assignments gives him a varied and stimulating daily life. However, the important responsibilities incumbent upon it may put some pressure on its shoulders, as the success of this establishment abroad depends on its results.


Dynamic and flexible, a good Country Manager must be versatile and able to manage several projects at the same time. An entrepreneurial spirit and a very good knowledge of the country's market are necessary.



The soft skills of a Country Manager are:

  • A good relationship
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • Leadership



Bac +5 in engineering school / business school or university equivalent. It is good to know that the country manager is often a seasoned entrepreneur or a senior salesperson.



There are many development options for a Country Manager. He can become Regional Director of a subsidiary or a larger structure, but also move towards positions such as COO, Marketing / Sales Director.



Junior: 40-45 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 45-55 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 50-70 K € (8 years and over)


In general, this type of profile is assigned a variable on the turnover generated by the country it is to develop. The range can be up to 15% of total compensation.

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