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The Web Copywriter, also known as Web Copywriter Designer, provides textual content suitable for websites.


The Web Copywriter, also known as Web Copywriter Designer, provides textual content suitable for websites. In this profession the rules of writing are different from those of traditional writing in the press. You have to have a dynamic style and be even easier to understand, as the reader's attention span is lower on the web. A good web copywriter should know how to present information clearly and take SEO considerations into account. The Web Writer must master the language in which he operates, but also have a good knowledge of the technical aspect of the web (HTML).


The Web Writer works alone on the web content of the site, but he can work with other writers on a web content where each one must contribute in the realization of the content. The production of new content takes time since it requires, before writing, researching information and / or illustrations. It integrates textual and non-textual content into the site via the site administration tool (CMS / Back office).




In order to be a Web Writer, the required qualities will be based first and foremost on knowledge of the language (spelling, grammar, syntax and vocabulary). They must also know the rules of writing on the Web: make themselves understood by Internet users and understand their uses. Writing skills are crucial to evolve in this profession: to be clear, to have a synthetic expression with an attractive style.


In addition, you must have a good knowledge of the web: operation of search engines (technique for natural referencing of content) and basics of HTML. Mastering content management tools like WordPress is part of its know-how in the web.



The soft skills of a Web Writer are:

  • Curiosity
  • Analytical mind
  • Rigor
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability, in particular to the evolution of the web (practices and uses)



Depending on the nature of the position and the company, the profession of Web Writer or Copywriter generally requires training at bac +3 or bac +5 level, supplemented by internships in a company.

You can undertake a professional ATC license: SEO & Web Writer and consider continuing a bac + 5 by integrating a Master in languages ​​letters specializing in writing professions.



Several choices are available to the Web Writer:

  • It can evolve in all companies with a website and be attached to the editorial department or the communication department
  • He can join web agencies that build websites for their clients and offer content writing services.



Junior: 30-39 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 40-45 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 47-75 K € (8 years and over)

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