The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Manager or CRM Manager provides support by advising companies on how to interact with their customers.


The CRM Manager is the data and customer relationship expert. Its main mission will be to improve customer satisfaction and retention rates. For this, he must put in place strategic tools to improve the conversion rate and satisfy customers.


In order to optimize the customer relationship of a website, the CRM Manager will suggest IT choices and decisions to be made. These tools with which he works will make it possible to better understand visitors and to individualize their relationship with the company. Its missions are therefore:

  • Improve customer knowledge
  • Increase your average basket
  • Client faithfulness
  • Develop some customer value


To do this, the Responsable CRM will implement a strategy to: collect customer data, find the best tool to use this data, put an action plan to retain customers, analyze the results obtained and continuously optimize.




Reporting to the Customer Relations Director or the Marketing Manager, the CRM Manager has working conditions that vary depending on the sector of activity in which he operates.

In the e-commerce sector, he will generally have a wider field of maneuver (online games and sponsorship) than that of CRM project managers of large groups who, sometimes, are content to apply their strategy in space. customer.


The qualities required to be a CRM Manager are based on technical knowledge, an analytical mind and good working methods.

He has fundamental knowledge of databases (datamining, commercial e-mailing). He masters statistics in order to analyze the results of his strategy and must know how to set up performance indicators in order to audit his own campaigns. His ability to unite, his sense of organization and his analytical skills are a strength for the CRM Manager.



The soft skills of a CRM Manager are:

  • The sense of listening
  • The analytical mind
  • Curiosity
  • Communication



There are many ways to become a CRM Manager. For starters, a Bachelor in e-commerce at ESVA (Graduate School of Sales and Purchases) is a good way to understand sales and business mechanisms.

You can continue your training with a Master in management science specializing in Marketing and Business Communication or a Master in Business Administration.



Several choices are available to the CRM Manager.

Within a web agency or an agency specializing in web marketing, he will be required to work in a team and to work for all types of clients (SMEs, Large groups).

More frequently, in companies that have a department dedicated to this activity.



Junior: 35-44 K € (0 to 3 years of experience)

Confirmed: 45-51 K € (4 to 8 years of experience)

Senior: 50-71 K € (8 years and over)

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