What are the most wanted profiles and skills most nowadays in the digital and tech market? What are the expertise and skills of our headhunters? What is Urban Linker's approach? We’ve laid out the answers to most popular questions.

How do you find a job that suits you in the digital world?

There are many (and fairly good) general digital training courses, offering certain basics in several areas in digital such as web marketing, IT, design or sales positions.

These training courses will allow you to acquire many hard and soft skills giving you the possibility of a specialization afterwards - according to one's desires and ambitions. We therefore advise you to search for jobs corresponding to your field of expertise, which will allow you to identify the vacancies that match with your profile.

There are also many orientation tests you could take, or the possibility to interact with professionals in the sector to understand what would be the right move for you.

An apprenticeship, an internship, interim assignments or long-term contract in a company or in a group, allow you, among other things, to carry out various tasks and missions within several companies. It’s the opportunity for you to develop skills and find the expertise that suits you.

At Urban Linker, you benefit from comprehensive and personalized support and interview debriefs. You can apply directly to our job offers on the site, but if you cannot find the job of your dreams, our recruiters are available to assist you.

What are the most wanted profiles for the digital industry at the moment? Which type of job title is high in the tech world?

Urban Linker’s team is constantly monitoring the sector and we have noticed, in terms of recruitment, that certain specialties are currently on the rise. What are the in-demand profiles ?

Among the most requested positions in-demand at the moment:

  • Fullstack JS Developer
  • PHP Symfony Developer
  • React Developer
  • Product Manager / Product Owner
  • Growth Hacker
  • Content Manager / Community Manager
  • Business Developer

Growth hacking is experiencing a strong evolution and is increasingly rapidly, especially in agencies. Traffic manager profiles is also in the spotlight, since their mission is to optimize different acquisition channels, as well as to increase visibility and sales.

The digital sector is hiring a lot and is constantly evolving. New training courses are created regularly. Do not hesitate to do a market survey to rank the different institutions.

What are the opportunities in the marketing and digital communication sector?

There are many jobs in the digital/communication industry:

  • Web marketing manager
  • Digital project manager
  • Community manager or social media manager
  • Content manager, brand manager, content editor
  • Traffic manager
  • Editorial director
  • SEO consultant

Our selection of vacancies for these positions is comprehensive. Urban Linker’s team provides invaluable help in your job hunt: on this page you will find all of our opportunities to join an innovative startup.

Our headhunters support you and do a thorough follow-up so that you can find your dream job.

What kind of opportunities or available vacancies does Urban Linker offer?

You have the choice between what we call several units:

  • Tech: back and front-end developers, data professions (data scientist, engineer, etc.), product, CTO, etc.
  • Sales: business developer, head of sales, customer advice, field sales representative, team leader, customer success manager ...
  • Marketing: content manager, growth hacker, traffic manager, client development manager, CMO, SEO manager ...
  • Design: UI / UX, motion designer, product designer, lead product designer…
  • Product: product owner, product manager, product marketing manager ...
  • We also regularly recruit Talent (TAM) or HR profiles for companies

Urban Linker’s headhunters have a huge expertise in those areas. We understand your needs and your business. We mainly work with startups, scaleups but also with mid-size enterprises and some large groups. Ask us for our references if need be or check at our impeccable Google Reviews score.

What are the type of profiles and skills in-demand in the tech world?

These types of positions are among the most requested by our clients:

  • Fullstack JS
  • Back-End and Front-End
  • Software architecture
  • Mobile development
  • Data analysis and measurement
  • Product management

There are many other hard or soft skills with high added value that you can highlight on your CV and during interviews.

What are the type of profiles and skills in-demand in the digital world?

Many specialties are at scope when we mention most demanded profiles in the digital marketing sector, each profession has its own technical skills.

We therefore prefer to highlight what are the trends regarding interpersonal and general skills:

  • Understand your customer and the sales / conversion funnel
  • Be able to choose the right channels to deliver precise messages
  • Use the data collected
  • ROI culture
  • Technical skills, being tech savvy
  • A strong curiosity and realize a regular market survey

What is Urban Linker's approach in helping me get my dream job?

The headhunters of our recruitment firm are above all tech savvy and are experts within the digital sector. We understand your issues and we will do everything in our power to find you the best opportunity for your profile. Our expertise in the areas of tech, product, sales, marketing and design allows us to offer you a comprehensive and rich selection of job offers.

Depending on your needs:

  • Send a spontaneous application: all you have to do is send us your CV, tell us what you are looking for, your criteria and our recruiters will make it their mission to find your dream job
  • Access to our job offers on the site to be able to apply directly
  • The co-option system: directly on a selected job offer or through the spontaneous format

Urban Linker offers personalized support and follow-up so that your job project comes to life! Finding a first permanent contract or changing opportunities are always stressful moments. This is why Urban Linker’s team provides you the help you need so that you can get interviews for an offer - anywhere in France. We have premises in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.

Tips from Urban Linker

We regularly update our job offers’ page, so please check it as often as possible. We mainly offer permanent positions and some temporary opportunities. If you are about to finish an internship, apprenticeship or interim assignmens and you are looking for a permanent position, you can find offers matching your level of experience and expertise. You can also filter your search by location. We recruit nationally for our clients, and occasionally internationally.

Our headhunters can guide you in your job hunting process: we have developed expertise in several areas:

  • Tech
  • Digital communication and marketing
  • Product
  • Sales
  • Design

Urban Linker’s team is ready to assist you in turning your professional project a reality! All you have to do is find the offer that suits you and we take care of the rest.


Are you short of time or do you prefer to be properly coached? Our headhunters collect your CV and look for the job that will match best your profile.

Our tech and digital experts are passionate and above all, dedicated to finding you the best opportunity. Our mission is to find you a job in the fields of tech, marketing and sales, design and product.

Our goal: to detect the perfect match between an opportunity and a talent! We support the most innovative companies and startups, to identify the one that will tick all the boxes.

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