The impact of CSR values in recruitment

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  •  20.07.2021
  •  1 MIN

Do a company's CSR values ​​promote recruitment?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the consideration of environmental, social and ethical issues in the development of the economic activities of an organization

The commitment of companies applies to internal interactions (employees, managers, shareholders) as well as to external relations with suppliers, customers, but also candidates. It is on this last point that we will focus on our Webinar.

As a true part of an employer brand, CSR can have a far greater impact on attracting candidates than you might imagine. Last Thursday July 8, Alice Lacroix, our headhunter specializing in Tech profiles, received:


On the program of this Webinar:

A / Presentation of forms of commitments and CSR strategies

B / How to promote CSR values ​​for:

Recruit new collaborators

Retain employees

C / Will commitment and CSR values ​​become an obligation for recruiting?


To watch the replay, it's here. (only French version)

Watch the webinar

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