Why are entrepreneurs more and more interested in Lyon?

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  •  22.08.2016
  •  5 MIN
We made an inventory of the situation at the end of 2015 through a computer graphics, recalling the quality of the trainings, engineers and commercial present on the spot. We even see the development of specialized web schools  and the new trades that flow from it. We think about Digital Campus, or LDLC which launches their entrepreneurial training in digital, proposing innovative methodologies as well as infrastructures at the forefront.
The wealth of Lyon is also found in the faculty to help its entrepreneurs. By working its attractiveness and dynamism, the city of Lyon is putting in place relevant actions to push entrepreneurs and help them to grow. Only Lyon, through its various founding partners, contributes greatly to the influence of the city. There are also many start-up incubators and accelerators offering programs for entrepreneurs: 1kubator, Boost in Lyon, Axeleo, for example.
Beyond these institutions, numerous associative actions are put in place to boost digital activity. This translates into participative meetings, events and workshops that allow entrepreneurs to exchange, build a network and find partners. Web Cooking organizes the Blend Web Mix every year, and has just launched the Web Tower, allowing web actors to come together. The Cluster'r Numérique in Rhône Alpes is the second community behind Paris and beyond the network offers start-up pitch competitions for example.
Finally, success stories contribute significantly to the dynamism and attractiveness of Lyon. Digischool is raising 14 million euros this year and is tackling the international market, Obiz, integrating the 50 first e-merchants, or more historical actors such as LDLC (5th in the e-merchant ranking). Parisian companies even decided to come and install their digital pole.

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