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  •  24.05.2021
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For several years, Urban Linker has been working in schools and training centers to support students in their job search, improving CVs, preparing interviews, etc. Education of the tech market is an important point for we.


Training programs often include workshops on building a CV, how to prepare for an interview, or how to use your LinkedIn account.

“The Urban Linker consultants brought their expertise on technical recruitment in order to provide the right tips and advice for our IT development students”, Felix Gaudé, CEO and co-founder of the Hacking Project


These workshops provide a good foundation but are often incomplete or not sufficiently focused on technical professions. By having learners interact with tech recruiting professionals, they have an up-to-date view of the market, a better view of the salaries offered or even indications on new job search methods.


To continue educating the market, since 2019 we have also been offering workshops on tech recruitment issues, with incubators and accelerators.


The market is experiencing continuous growth, the subjects of recruitment do not know (or little) the crisis and are not subject to a specific seasonality. This is why our Urban Linker headhunters can intervene all year round, in Ile-de-France and in the region, with digital players.


A referent for startups

Many young companies will try to do their first recruitment (s) internally, with their networks or through a Welcome To The Jungle page. This can be a recruitment of an intern, work-study or a first permanent contract, in the end the status does not matter.

The point is, it is rare to have a trained recruiting profile on the team. Whether for a junior or an experienced profile, there are specific methods and processes to follow.


Because bad recruitment is expensive, it is important to be able to know these codes and understand how to attract tech profiles. Some technical co-founders (CTOs) may have a large enough network to recruit without outside help, but the basics of recruiting will come in handy.


At Urban Linker, we have often heard founders tell us about their “obstacle course” on recruitment topics. This is why we support them on themes specific to their needs.

"Urban Linker intervenes at the end of our incubation program, in order to help entrepreneurs plan for the technical part of their projects. The objective is to make them aware of the various possible technologies, of recruiting these technical profiles, to make the right decisions for their digital solutions. Romain and Marie's presentation completely meets the objectives set and is very relevant for our startups!", Bruno Gendry, Lead Startup Manager, 1Kubator Lyon


The subjects are varied: how to promote your employer brand with such type of profile? How to decide between internalizing a developer or hiring a freelance? Deciding between a hands-on CTO and a CTO with a more strategic profile ...

We start from the “pain points” of companies to build the workshop and stick as closely as possible to their needs.


A reality of wages in a penury market

The salary is in France, always the most sensitive point. Whether for recruiters or for interview candidates. Every year, we carry out in-depth market studies on the recruitments made for our clients (who are 80% of startups), in order to give companies a coherent view of the salaries practiced for the tech professions.


Our partners then disseminate this study internally, so that startups can update themselves. This study can be important in the case of fundraising preparation, in particular, to provide a coherent budget for the technical development of the solution or for recruitments already validated throughout the year.


Long-term support

Because at Urban Linker, we believe that a partnership is established over time, we are working on several workshops over the year. For example with the 1Kubator network, we have set up workshops for winter and spring promotions and across the national network. Obviously, support following these workshops is set up, to respond to questions from entrepreneurs on an ad hoc basis.


We also involve companies on specific topics that we produce: whether they are webinars (like this one on cybersecurity issues in 2021), articles for our blog (getting expert opinion on a subject like the “NoCode” for example) or podcasts.


How to set up these workshops

Are you a startup and want your accelerator or incubator to offer workshops to address your recruitment issues?

Are you an accelerator or an incubator and want to offer support focused on digital recruitment issues?

Nothing could be simpler, send me an email at marie@urbanlinker.com to discuss it over a coffee.

Prepare a workshop with us

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