The 3.0 office manager

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  •  22.08.2016
  •  5 MIN

Tips to become "THE" supreme office manager

For those who need holidays: with Payfit  the requests  "Do I have days off left? " are over. Each employee manages his own requests for days off from the interface which allows 2 levels of validation and updates the remaining leave balance. And if the boss forgets to agree, he receives a short reminder.
For those who often go to the restaurant: The expense reports lost and the Excell spreadsheet, are not always very convenient. Especially for employees who are not used to managing accounting documents. Cleemy allows you to automate the management of expense reports and to send items directly to the accounting department.
To gather all the feedbacks : Hivy is the solution. The application allows each employee to retrieve information such as water leakage, the need for envelopes or coffee, and centralizes the requests in a dashboard. You can then edit your shopping lists and even place orders directly online.
To celebrate the successes or simply enjoy a lunch with your team: a reservation for 30 people in the restaurant is a good option but for more friendliness, choose the Belle Assiette. You select a Chef, agree on a menu and he comes directly to the office, making good dishes for the whole team.
However, we still have not found anything to automate the change of toilet paper.

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