Bordeaux, the developers' new Eldorado

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  •  07.06.2017
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For a long time, Bordeaux was seen as a "museum city", where only the wine universe seemed to matter. Today, Bordeaux attracts many beautiful French startups, and witnesses many fundraisings. The switch of the employment market to digital created a buzz for tech profiles, to the point that people are calling Bordeaux the Eldorado of developers.



Called "the sleeping beauty" until the end of the 90s, Bordeaux attracts more and more people thanks to the many changes put in place in the past years. It was even elected the most trendy city of the world by Lonely Planet for 2017!

A few different elements attract profiles looking for their dream job. The geographic location is ideal, only 45min away from the beach and 3h from the ski slopes, and makes it one of the rare big cities to attract both sea and mountain lovers. In the architecture side, the city has been registered at the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. In terms of accessibility and quality of life, the rent prices are divided by two compared to those of Paris, even though the real estate has been going up each year. Regarding transport, the city has a brand new tramway and quite performing bus lines. Cherry on top, the TGV (high speed train) will soon link it to Paris in only 2h.



Next to huge companies like Cdiscount, Thalès or Cheops Technology, many startups are developping, supported by investor that were reassured by the obtention of the French Tech label in 2014. 4th city in terms of fundraisings with 84 millions euros raised, the city had the biggest company creation rate in 2016.

Many beautiful startups are founded, mainly in the historical sectors (wine and e-commerce), but also in collaborative economy, mobility, eco-activities and e-health. To allow the birth and development of the best startups, different technological poles are createed such as Darwin, Bassin à flot or the future Cité du numérique.



The recent attractivity of the city and more widely of the region makes a lot of companies settle on the sides of the Garonne. Following the general trend, the digital market is the most in demand for recruitments. Hires in this sector (23 327 employees in the Aquitaine region) are going up the roof with more than 7.500 jobs created in 2016, mainly in web development and web marketing. Numbers tend to prove that this bustle is nowhere near the end, and companies struggle to find top profiles in a booming market.

Bordeaux has been attracting more and more Parisians, as shows a study by the website Cadremploi. Although they won't find the same level of salary as they did in Paris, they will be able to enjoy an easy-going way of life, in a city that promises to become one of the main actors of the digital economy. 

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