What exactly is the perfect job?

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  •  22.08.2016
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Focus on startups

The startup world, in perpetual evolution, is the best way to understand that the title of a job doesn’t mean much: Growth Hacker or Chief Happiness Officer are the best examples. Your role often goes beyond your function: you’re too important to be reduced to a job title, and this is how you will thrive! Working on side-projects, living an adventure, creating something new will have you more involved, more successful and more happy than you could ever be relying on a job title.
You got it, there are many ways to put a smile on your face at work: think bigger, go higher!


People nowadays value the name of their position. It can be the first indicator of your career. However is your job really making you happy? Here are a few elements to make your current job look a little bit more like your dream job. 

Your manager

Your manager’s responsibility is crucial: give you the credit that you deserve, involve you in the decision-making process, give you autonomy, inspire you and push you to give your best… No matter what your title is, it’s hard to picture yourself working for someone who isn’t driving or gathering people together. On the contrary, mutual trust and confidence will help you take the path you wanted. 

Your company’s vision

Your company should give you as much visibility on the projects to come and its vision for the following months / years.  Would you be happy with a job title, when you have no clue how to climb the ladder in the company? Your career is too important for that. 

The importance of your opinion

There’s nothing more frustrating than offering something and having no one pay attention, no matter what your title is. However feeling involved in decisions and listened by your team will make your successes more visible! 

The work environment / colleagues

It can be quite hard to come and go to work with a smile on your face if there’s a heavy mood in the office, or if your relationships with colleagues aren’t at their best. Your work is not just a line on your bank account: it gets more interesting with exchanges with colleagues, and moments spent together. 

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