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  •  14.01.2022
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The job of web developer has been one of the most sought-after positions in the digital market for some time. To find out more, check out our study on the salaries of tech profiles.

There are a lot of demands (and expectations) from companies, a lot of retraining for candidates and above all a lot of training. Whether it's a post-baccalaureate course or a bootcamp, there are many players on the territory.


This is why we have decided to present you the best French schools to learn web development, but not only! Indeed, development is a very broad field that offers many possible outlets with jobs like data analyst, cyber security specialist, machine learning engineer, etc.


Without further ado, here are our rankings of the best schools to become a developer. To establish these rankings, we base ourselves on educational quality, employability at the end of the course, international influence and the school's reputation in the ecosystem and with our partners.


The 5 best traditional post-prep schools of engineering

École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique remains the best post-prep school of engineering. It combines research and innovation with a very good scientific and technological level. Although very generalist, a large proportion of the students create their own structure after their diploma. This can be explained by the size and strength of their network, but also by the incubators set up within these grandes écoles in general.


Télécom Paris

Formerly Télécom ParisTech, the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, is one of the 204 French engineering schools offering an engineering degree. Like the École Polytechnique, it is one of the so-called "generalist" schools and offers mainly specialisations in information science and technology and telecommunications.



CentraleSupélec is a public scientific institution under the supervision of both the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Economy. Since 2015, the school officially links Centrale Paris and Supélec, two major French engineering schools.


École des ponts ParisTech

Offering both a very advanced scientific education and real-life engineering projects, as well as management training, the students of the “Des ponts ParisTech” are recognised for their scientific skills combined with a very good capacity for practical implementation during projects.


École des mines ParisTech

The École des mines ParisTech is one of the oldest and most selective French engineering schools. Today, it is under the supervision of the Ministry of the Economy, which allows it to have a specific place and mission in the landscape of higher education institutions. Since its creation in 1783, it has trained very high-level engineers capable of solving complex problems in various fields of application.


The 10 best schools specialising in web development


Supinfo trains IT professionals, especially in various web developments. The school is present on more than 10 campuses, including hybrid campuses, in France and abroad. It offers a 3-year Bachelor of Engineering degree and a 2-year Master of Engineering degree through innovative teaching methods.



EPITECH trains its students to become experts in computer science and information technology. Students are able to work in teams and show great leadership skills in order to understand the major challenges facing companies and to adapt to the daily requirements of the professional world.



ECE is the only engineering school of the INSEEC U. group and is a member of the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE), Campus France and the Union des grandes écoles indépendantes. Its courses are mainly focused on information technologies (information systems, telecoms, networks, IoT, embedded systems, finance, multimedia, etc.).



EPITA is the leading engineering school specialising in computer science in Paris. The school prepares its students for careers in engineering and digital technology and offers courses in various scientific subjects such as Mathematics and Physics, as well as computer science courses with algorithms and programming. Moreover, once graduated, alumni can continue to train throughout their career thanks to a 100% online platform: IONISx.



EFREI is a general engineering school focused on the digital sector and recognized as a public utility. It trains engineers in 5 years, experts in their field, combining technical qualities and management.


École 42

Founded by Xavier Niel, 42 offers training in computer science excellence for all. École 42 aims to be disruptive and innovative by offering a project-based approach to progress and develop the technical skills needed in the professional world.



Located in the Palais Brongniart, the EEMI aims to train the future web players. Also founded by Xavier Niel, the school offers an innovative teaching method, guaranteeing training in line with students' needs, companies' expectations and technological developments.



The École Supérieure de Génie Informatique, ESGI, trains its students in the evolutions of computer science by constantly adapting to the needs of the sector. The school prepares students for all IT professions via 9 specialisations, either at Bachelor or Master level.



HETIC is a school that offers a mix of technique, management and design, all linked to the digital sector. Its objective: to give birth to multi-skilled profiles. The school has also set up a Bachelor's degree in web development, focused on learning software development. The training is based on the practical application of what is learned on real projects and in teams.



The objective of ETNA is to discover the fast and agile Devops culture through development and system, network and security administration. Their students develop technical and human skills in line with the professional market, but also have the ability to become experts in a wide range of professions, particularly thanks to the possibility of doing the course in alternating years.


Bonus : 3 bootcamps to learn to code

The Hacking Project

This bootcamp proposes a very particular learning system since it takes the form of a tree of training courses that its students can follow as they wish. The courses are thus more adapted to their profile and to their desires and needs, and branches are possible at any time.


The Wagon

The Wagon is a code school, which provides its students with technical know-how that allows them to reorient themselves or to train in new skills. The Web Developer training allows students to acquire the entire web stack, from the database to the browser. The programme includes object-oriented programming concepts, software structuring and much more.


Iron Hack

This bootcamp offers training in Web Development to obtain the practical skills needed to find a job in the tech sector. The full-stack courses take place in just 9 weeks full-time or 24 weeks part-time and require no previous programming experience. The program includes HTML, CSS, React and much more.


It is important to keep in mind that beyond the diploma and technical skills, one cannot neglect the human aspect and one of the essential rules in this profession is not to rely only on the academic background and not to have any prejudice. Beyond the technical skills, the ability to learn and the personality are decisive. To find out more about soft skills, read our full white paper on the subject.

Discover the White Paper - Soft Skills

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