How to find your next job on Twitter

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  •  04.02.2016
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Why use Twitter?

Twitter is not the first social media that we thought about when looking for a job, but it definitely has some advantages compared to other social media. The best example is probably the fact that you can connect with virtually anyone. 

  • Because Twitter is such an accessible social media, you can put your talents, personality and interests forth. Recruiters can have a better idea of who you are, and whether you fit with their company.
  • Twitter lets you connect with people and companies that you didn’t know which is a lot harder on platforms such as Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Twitter eases up the exchanges: a recruiter will find it a lot easier to answer a tweet rather than pick up the phone.
  • Recruiters know that if they hire you, they will benefit from your network. Make sure to build yourself a decent network beforehand.


How to find a job using Twitter

  • Make sure you follow the sector in which you would like to work, and interact with the communities you are interested in.
  • Do not simply retweet what people say; create unique contents that might interest people. Be an opinion leader.
  • Use Twitter to connect your business networks together and win visibility. Put links pointing to your blog or your LinkedIn profile in your bio.
  • Many companies have Twitter account dedicated to their careers opportunities: follow them. It’s a great way to keep an eye on job offers, rather than go directly on the company’s website.
  • Build your network before needing it; engage conversation with people who do your job dream.
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