How to be on the headhunter's radar

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  •  03.10.2017
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Being hunted by a recruitment company is a pain for some, and the Holy Grail for others. In each case, it’s an easy way of being offered a great opportunity (the one you’ve been waiting for). Then why do without it? If you’ve been hunted before and feel like the job offers you had were not meeting your skills or value, it only means you’re not “visible” enough for us recruiters. Here are a few tips to change that :



Cooptation is one of the best ways to get a job offer. It’s when you recommend someone from your entourage to a company for a position : you are the link between your friend / your cousin / your sister, and the company that may have their dream job. There’s good in it for everyone, but if you want it to work for you and trade the intermediary role for the hunted one, here’s what to do : talk about how you’re open to the market. 


Talk about it to your friends, to your family, to the people you meet… I’m not saying you should harass every person on Earth, begging for them to find your dream job for you (that would be awkward), but casually bringing the subject into the conversation will often lead to someone saying : “hold on, I just remembered my mate’s company is looking for a *insert job title here*, I should definitely tell them about you!”

And there you go.



If you are currently working for a company, and that it’s a bit delicate to let the whole internet know you’re jobhunting, the best (and most discreet) way is to contact recruitment agencies directly, and let them know you’re open to opportunities. 

Most firms are easy to find, and some even have their own CV library, on which you can send your resume and wait for them to get back to you with a few job offers… discreetly! 

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