Good Dev VS Bad Dev

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  •  18.05.2017
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If you are a beginner in code and you are asking yourself the existential question "Am I a good or bad developer? "You are probably not yet good enough #joke. Do not be discouraged by thinking that there are static characteristics that define a "good developer". If you are aware of this is that you are already in progress. Let's begin by understanding what are the main typologies of bad developers:

  • The lonely developer: one who generally has difficulty adapting to teamwork and often works on short-lived projects. It could impact negatively the dynamics of a group's work.
  • The fast dev: obsessed by the results, he tends to put features in production too fast. People who do not know code may think that it is a fast and effective developer but "the real ones" know what it is.
  • The developer untidy, illegible: the construction of fast code can sometimes turn to total fiasco (especially if the structure is non-existent). This kind of code can be called the "spaghetti code" because it is totally confusing and impossible to separate and believe me, it is not as tasty as it sounds!
  • The developer "I take care of everything, you take care of nothing": that is, the one who never needs help and even fewer lessons from others
  • The developer "quiet": he does not excel by his work in a team but it is fine for him



On second thoughts, you probably have an idea of ​​what makes a good developer! The very good dev ', and do not feel offended by the terms' very good' because the best ones are actually those who do not need advice. There are two types:

  • The performer: he is the one who does not only try to solve a simple problem but who tries to think about the best way to proceed. He is motivated by challenges. He is always looking for renewal, he is drived by the quest of achievement and is not afraid of difficulties and hardwork.
  • The developer we should all have in his team: in this person, we find characteristics similar to the first profile. Code lovers and of very curious, he is not however necessarily as productive. He is a team player, takes the initiative to document things and comment on his code at the right dose. Simple but effective, these attentions prove are helpful to the rest of the team. It can not be denied that he contributes to the synergy of the group



Finally, we have all the skills to become good devs! It may take a lot of talent and a strong passion to become a developing serial killer but anyone who is interested in programming and seeks to solve problems rather than bypassing them can be a "good" programmer. If you do not want to become a good coder, then no one, not even a great mentor, can transform you.

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