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  •  12.10.2017
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Usually, when looking for a job, first thing we do is to look at job offers online. But under this “classical” job market, there is another one, one that far less people use. Your dream job could be hiding there! It would be a shame not to use it. Here are a few tips on how to access the hidden job market.



This is the most commonly used way of making your profile visible on the hidden job market. You should always make sure your professional experience and your academics are easily accessible on Google. Your CV should appear on all the job boards and CV libraries. To be more visible, update your Monster or APEC accounts, and your Viadeo / Linkedin profiles. To increase your chances, you can also sign up on recruitment agencies websites.



Spontaneous application is also considered a waste of time, however it’s one of the easiest ways to access the hidden job market. Therefore you should make sure that you focus on the industry you really want to work in. Candidates often make the mistake of going for notorious companies. Don’t forget startups, in which prospects for growth are much bigger: competition will be far less intense than for big groups. To maximize your odds, make sure your application is personalized for each companies. By sending a spontaneous application, you will have a foot in the database of the company, and guess where they will look first when looking for a new employee?



To insure maximal online visibility, you have to be active on the different social media, as well as on your blog. Creating a blog allows you to differentiate from other candidates, by talking about subjects that matter to you. It will also give you the opportunity to talk about your professional experiences. Professional social media such as Linkedin and Twitter are wonderful places to get noticed. If you manage to become an opinion leader on the pages of the companies you are trying to get in, your chances of ever being called will increase drastically.



It is very important to be aware of the environment you want to join, it will put you above other candidates. Put some Google Alerts on the companies or the industries that you are passionate about. You will be one of the first to know if a new project is happening! Another good tool is Mention. Don’t forget to follow companies on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook!



To make the most of the hidden job market, your network remains your best ally. Take care of your relationships, both personal and professional, by inviting the most relevant ones to lunch for example. It’s a great way to meet in a casual way and to get useful information. Try to attend as many meetups and job fairs as you can, to extend your professional network. Don’t underestimate your school alumni network! You can also use co-option (being recommended by a friend or an ex co-worker to a company). 

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