How to create a great web developer portfolio?

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  •  12.05.2016
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How to build a perfect portfolio

It can be tempting to highlight a wide range of experiences so that you can attract any recruiter. Nevertheless, doing so can ultimately be negative for you. Indeed, it seems more relevant to focus on projects similar to those on which you want to work. You can also position yourself on specific areas to show expertise in a particular area. Consequently the employers will be more likely to trust you than you competitors.

Show the employer why you are unique

To create your portfolio, you must ask you what makes you different from other web developers. Is it the coding on uncommon languages? Work on sexy projects? Your expertise in a specific niche? Or maybe your original approach when you embark on a new project. Do not be afraid to spread your points of differentiation in all aspects of your website.

Select your best projects

Imagine your portfolio of websites as an album with your best hits. Many projects could be included, but there are some that have a far greater value than the others. Be really cautious in selecting your projects, and post only those that will be most relevant to your future employer.

Get references

Employers want to get an idea of the work you can do within their companies. Do not hesitate to ask your former colleagues, clients and superiors to testify to the quality of your work. Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn if possible and take advantage of this content on your site, which will have a double impact.

Put a call to action on your website

Web developers will often create a fantastic portfolio, while forgetting to insert a call to action on their site. This is a huge mistake ! So a tip: put a "Recruit me" or "Ask for a quote" button if you are a freelancer. You can also put a call to action of type "See my recent work". Anyway, do not leave a potential recruiter at the end of the page without a clear next step or a button to contact you.

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