4 ways to perfect your LinkedIn profile

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  •  22.07.2016
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Complete your profil

A complete profile is more likely to come up in searches than one with little information, so be sure to complete each section correctly. You know your profile is complete when the bar on the right side of the "Profile Strength" page is 100% blue. 


Taking the time to put together a well-thought-out summary and in-depth overview of your previous experiences will also help. 'improve your chances of being contacted.

A complete profile will be more likely to go up in searches


Build your network

The larger your network, the more opportunities you will have access to. This does not mean that you have to connect with everyone, but the more people working in your industry in your contacts, the more professional opportunities will increase. You can build a quality network by connecting with your former clients, colleagues, friends from the University, etc. 


Feel free to add other professionals in your industry who can be found in groups and results via the search bar. Just remember to tailor your speech to each person by letting them know why you want to connect with them.

Publish content

Posting on LinkedIn (especially Pulse) is a great way to gain credibility within your industry. When you share your knowledge and ideas on Linkedin, it can help build a reputation as an expert in a particular area. Posting to Pulse is also a good way to gain exposure to unknown people outside your network. 


Posting regularly will help your profile to rise in searches. If you don't have the time to do it manually, you can use tools that can automate posts like Hootsuite to schedule your posts for certain times of the day. If people comment on your posts, then it will appear in their network feed and be more likely to be shared.

Publish posts regularly will go to your profile in searches


Join groups

By joining groups you will have the possibility to connect with other members, then it becomes much easier to build a network of professionals in a particular sector. Try to contribute and engage with posts as much as possible, the more active you are, the more your Linkedin profile will rise in searches. 


Sharing your ideas and expertise on relevant topics will also help you gain recognition as a competent professional in your industry.

Try to contribute and interact with posts

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