The 4 skills every developer needs

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  •  05.09.2016
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Technical skills are obviously indispensable in the resumé of a web developer. Knowing the programmation language (PHP, Java, Ruby…), the equipment, the exploitation systems and other terminologies related to IT technical skills. These skills are constantly assessed and tested by the managers and colleagues. A developer must always stay up to date by educating himself on the latest tech trends.



Many developers neglect the importance of a business vision. All qualified developers can develop websites, apps and softwares, but a really good one is the one who understands the business purpose of all this. Each product must be conceived by keeping in mind the client’s demands and the business vision.



The IT sector is constantly evolving and languages undergo many modifications. A clever developer must be curious and have a thirst for knowledge. This is only possible when you are truly passionate about development. It is the only way to improve quicker than everyone else. Google gives you access to many tutorials, books, articles and so on. A good way to learn the best practices in development is to take inspiration in the work or experimented developers. Their recommendations are often shares on websites such as Github or Stackoverflow.



Verbal and written communication skills have become essential in almost every field. Developers must be able to clearly give out information and needs to their clients and to other colleagues. They must also work closely with them to obtain results. Written communication is also important, since almost all documentation, reports, design briefs are written down. 

Being able to share your ideas is essential for a developer. Many qualified developers do not get enough consideration for their work, simply because they cannot communicate properly with their colleagues. 

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