4 Myths of Startup

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  •  13.07.2016
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Success will go immediately

One of the biggest startup myths around the world is the idea that you just have to create your startup to make it work. All entrepreneurs who have created their business can testify and say that this statement is totally false. Some have learned it the hard way. Too many founders assume that creating a startup with a cool name is all it takes to attract customers, raise funds, or achieve immediate success. 


One of the most interesting things about starting a startup is to build everything from A to Z and start from a blank page. Success is built over several years and for that you will have to create a great product that will amaze your customers. , launch a marketing campaign that will speak to your target and that will make an impression and iterate through all the negative feedback that you get from your customers. What many early-stage startup entrepreneurs fail to realize at the start of the journey is that patience is their best ally.With the media, we have a strong tendency to believe that successful companies are born overnight. , when in the end most of these successes are built over 5, 10 or even 20 years. Facebook is the perfect illustration. Zuckerberg created several startups before launching Facebook, and it wasn't until the fourth year that Facebook spread worldwide. It is essential to know that in the startup ecosystem, these deadlines are no exception, they are the norm.

Success is built on several years


You will have more time for you

Although there are some exceptional cases where startup creators manage to liberate free time to their hobby, this is very marginal. In fact, entrepreneurs struggling under a mountain of work. The many founders of startups we met were unanimous, finished the 40-hour weeks and weekends of wage labor!

When you are the founder of a company, it is better not count his hours, forget the holidays especially in the first months or even the first year. The success of your startup depend greatly from the involvement you demonstrate every day, people who are most successful are those that make a dedication word leitmotif.

Mount a startup requires hard work and often heavy sacrifices both in human and in financial terms. If this is not a sacrifice you're willing to do, then entrepreneurship is probably not the best option for you.

The success of your startup depend hugely involvement


Your first thought will be good

When creating your business, one of the worst things you can do is think you have to stay true to your original idea. On startup, more than any other structure, it is necessary to learn quickly from mistakes. This is often at the beginning of the adventure that we learn the most. You have to be flexible and adapt to the needs of users & customers.

For many, it takes two or three attempts to finally reach the grail with a viable project. This does not mean that you need to consider your first draft as a draft if you can succeed the first time do not miss out!

It is important that you put all the odds in your favor by putting you to build on your project. However, if your first startup is made to not work, do not take it as a failure but as a learning process that will help you succeed the next time.

It is necessary to learn quickly from mistakes.


Your Startup must be perfect

Perfection is the greatest enemy of progress. Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn said, "If you're happy with the first release of your product, you launched it too late." Being successful in a startup is akin to constantly coping with uncomfortable situations. We all want more time, information or resources, however, we have to learn to live in a reality that is quite different. 


At the end of the day, those who wait for the stars to align perfectly before launching themselves end up never moving. So do not be afraid of imperfection, it is thanks to it that you will progress at great speed.

Perfection is the greatest enemy of progress.

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