Women and web development : where do we stand ?

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  •  20.07.2017
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Women and web development, two terms that were not assosiciated in the past. Internet was born half a century ago, this sector was exclusively composed by men because women were not really interested in web developement. Little by little, women are showing a real interest for code.


The number of women in tech is growing up but it is still very low compare to men. Today, women represent 25% of web developpers but it can not be denied that this number has grown very fast recently. Indeed, 42% of the developer's new generation are women.

The tech teams are mostly composed by men but we can observe a significant increase (20%) of women in engineering school and web development school. In the meantime, women initiate many projects, like StartHer or  Girls in Tech to promote women in the web industry.  A growing number of influents tech women broadcast their code through social network.


Last but not least, we can not end this paragraph without a word on Roxanne Varza, who runs Station F, lthe biggest start-up campus in the world. As major actor of the start-up's ecosystem, we have noticed that more and more companies were created by women such as Leetchi, Vizeat, Afrimarket or Treatwell. In France, 11% of startups are created by women (Source StartHer & KPMG).

When I started at Urban Linker as a tech recruiter, I was only seeing men's resume (True story !) , so I wanted to recruit a women so badly. Guess what ! my first recruitment was... a women ( IOS developer) ! Since then, I have recruited many women for start-ups ! Nowadays, it is more common to meet women in tech.  Women have represented 18 % of all of technical recruitments at Urban Linker in 2016.


To put it in a nutshell,  girls you need yo know that your profiles are very appreciated in the web industry! The melting pot in companies has become a major concern (especially for start-ups). The tech teams are demanding more and more women in their troops.


(Sources : Urban Linker - Based on the technical recruitments in Paris in 2016, sondage Apps Alliance/IDC)

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